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How to Choose a Chess Watch?

  • Each organizer, the head of the chess section, circle, association necessarily faces the problem of acquiring high-quality, but at the same time inexpensive, sports (chess) equipment. A watch is a necessary attribute of any chess club holding official sports competitions.


    1. Mechanical.

    In this type of watch, two mechanical (or electromechanical) clock mechanisms are used. Used from the beginning of the 20th century to this day.

    2. Electronic.

    Appeared at the end of the 20th century. Improving constantly, new models appear. They differ in accuracy and the ability to set many different controls (options).
    Before proceeding with the selection of a particular watch model, it is necessary to determine for what purposes this sports equipment is purchased.
    If a chess club, section plans its work with beginner chess players or amateurs, then a mechanical clock is quite suitable. This option can be called a budget and is quite suitable for competitions at the initial level. The advantage of using a mechanical watch is its ease of use and classic design. The disadvantage of such models is that it is impossible to use controls with the addition of time on them.

    In the online store you can purchase quality floor clocks directly from the manufacturer.
    For the training of chess players of a higher level, for the work of sports schools aimed at training professional chess players, of course, electronic timers should be purchased. In this case, you must count on getting into the price tag. The undoubted advantage of working with electronic watches is that they have high accuracy, the ability to set various controls with the addition of time. The latter factor is very important, since all official tournaments of a high qualification level are held with such regulations. The disadvantage of such models is the higher price segment, as well as certain difficulties when working with them (it is necessary to carefully study all the functions and options, operating rules).

    1. “Amber”, “Quartz”, “Ruby” - mechanical and domestic watches of Chinese and Chinese producers. Watch of the Serbian manufacturer INSA will cost more - mechanical, made in a wooden case.

    2. The Dutch company Daniel is the undisputed leader among modern manufacturers of electronic chess clocks. Modifications DGT2010, DGT 3000 are officially approved by the technical commission of the FIDE International Chess Federation for official competitions held under the auspices of the federation. . DGT also has cheaper options, with fewer options and easier to use (DGT 960, DGT 1001, DGT 1002, etc.). Watches are licensed in China.

    3. The Chinese manufacturer of electronic chess watches LEAP occupies a worthy place in the market of sports, chess equipment. Some LEAP models have almost the same functionality as the DGT2010.
    Summarizing all of the above, it should be said that when choosing a particular watch model, it is necessary, first of all, to decide for what purposes they are purchased and what budget the buyer has.
      January 9, 2020 8:40 AM CET