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  • Chopard's "Kalahari Garden" Diamond Suite Shines in "Six Bottoms"

    Caroline Scheufele, artistic director and co-president of Chopard, has been busy transitioning from a rural mine in Africa to a Hollywood movie premiere. She was in New York a week ago, Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale 168566-3007,mainly in a private screening of "Underground 6," starring Ryan Reynolds and starring Ryan Reynolds, with a lightning-beat rhythm A motion-edited action movie composed of internationally renowned sports actors and actors. In the momentary editing of the film, sharp car chases and explosions (massive explosions), there are many Chopard products, from a diamond set to several chronographs.

    The jewels appear in many flashback scenes of the movie, with one character named "Four" (aka "Skywalker") stealing the jewellery from an apartment in Florence, Italy, and then found himself in tight as he escaped When the rooftop colleague held the other end before falling, he bit his jewelry on his teeth.

    Mille Miglia watches also appeared throughout the movie. Reynolds' character is "One", he wears Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale and Mille Miglia Classic chronograph. Actress Adria Arjona, who plays "Five", wears a Mille Miglia Racing Colors chronograph with a yellow dial, matching her fluorescent skinny yellow suit.replica luxury watches

    Scheufele says the diamond suite, called "Kalahari Gardens," is a story in itself. The necklace is made of 342-carat rough stone, known as "Queen Kalahari", unearthed from the Karowe mine in Botswana, which is owned by Lucara Diamonds. Rough diamonds produced 23 flawless D-color IIa diamonds, five of which weighed 20 carats. The largest one is 50 carats.

    "It's so good." Scheufele said of the quality of the diamond. "We follow the diamond from diamond mining to cutting, polishing and design." Alexis Veller The 55-minute documentary focuses on the journey from mine to jewelry. Jewellery will eventually appear on the red carpet.

    Completed cutting and polishing of rough diamonds and 23 types of diamonds at the Chopard studio in Switzerland. Scheufele purchased rough diamonds and designed the jewels that make up the "Kalahari Garden". Similarly, the artisan work of making jewelry and setting diamonds is done indoors.

    The most basic set of jewelry includes a necklace, earrings and a ring. However, jewelry is deformable and can be worn in 20 different ways.

    Scheufele and her team have created a sparkling garden by installing a network of diamonds of different shapes and expressions on 18k Fairmined white gold around five main gems.

    This necklace is decorated with 50 carat brilliant cut, 26 carat heart-shaped and 25 carat pear-shaped diamonds, which can be taken out and worn as brooches, respectively. A 6.41-carat brilliant-cut diamond was further enhanced, including pear-shaped (98 ct), brilliant-cut (40 ct) and marquise-cut (2 ct) diamonds.

    The earrings are set with 25 carat pear-shaped diamonds and 26 carat heart-shaped diamonds, which are further complemented by pear-shaped (4.55 carats) and brilliant-cut diamonds (4.35 carats).

    The ring is centered around a 20 carat cushion-cut diamond and is surrounded by brilliant-cut (3.9 carat) and pear-shaped (3 carat) diamonds.Greubel Forsey replica  Watches

    Sustainable jewelry

    As a pioneer in the sustainable development of the jewellery industry, Scheufele actively encourages Lucara Diamonds to bring its mining business into compliance with Eco-Age's independent Green Carpet Challenge verification standard, which Reflects best international practices in environmental and social justice. Chopard and many of its suppliers are involved in this effort. Eco-Age officials independently assessed all elements of Karowe mine activity. The mine is currently working to achieve the necessary standards to obtain certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council.

    Chopard's ethical gold comes from three sources: mines and distributors that meet fair mining and fair trade standards, and recycled gold. Chopard has been working on vertical integration, and a major part of the manufacturing standard is its own furnace, which makes it easy for the company to recycle its gold.

    Scheufele says that about 95% of its diamonds meet ethical standards. Gems still have a way to go, because colored gems come from many independent small mines around the world.

    Scheufele said she is pleased that Chopard has been an initiator and innovator in specifying ethical materials.

    "I am proud and pleased that the industry is evolving and it is a priority among most large companies and companies." "It is respecting the planet. I think understanding your work is from A The production method to Z is a luxury side. " Richard Mille RM 35 replica watches

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