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Strategic Marketing for Success

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  • Strategic marketing is a complex marketing process that is aimed at exceeding average market indicators and promoting a product group or services among consumers.

    Strategic marketing is understood as a complex of actions, including analysis of consumer preferences, determination of one's own positioning and general development strategy for a certain period.

    Strategic marketing has medium-term and long-term prospects, and is based on three main tasks:
    Defining company goals.
    Refinement of the mission and development paths.
    Ensuring a balanced product portfolio.

    Strategic marketing includes a lot of events. To begin with, there is a planning of the proposed range of products and its pricing policy. Further, the technical characteristics of production are involved, from directly the details of the process itself, to transportation, storage conditions, and so on. After that, it is worth considering the choice of trading options, focusing on either wholesale or retail methods, or implementing both options. At the same time, one should not forget about such details as direct customer service at points of sale, the necessary assistance in advising in the selection of goods and other similar ones.

    Next, you need to consider ways of selling, for example, credit, when the buyer pays for a certain time for a purchased product, through systematic money transfers, until the entire amount or others are paid off. The greater the choice of payment methods, the greater the possibility of boosting sales.

    Do not forget about advertising campaigns, which should ensure the awareness and interest of the potential audience in the product. There is also a lot of its details.

    And these are just some aspects of strategic marketing, which, as you already understood, is a complex and voluminous affair, but just such proper administration and processes will help put your products on the rails, paving the way from concept to its implementation.
    There are several stages to the implementation of a marketing strategy:

    Market analysis.
    Qualitative assessment of the market for a specific period.
    A study of competitors and the competitiveness of the proposed product.
    The goals of the strategic policy of the company are indicated.
    Determination of the necessary market segment.
    Development of alternative strategies. There should always be plenty to choose from.
    Determination of product group positioning.
    A selection of necessary implementation tools.
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