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Escape From Tarkov Update To Rework The Interchange Map

  • Escape From Tarkov comprehensive Interchange map is getting totally reworked in the next patch. Given that the popular FPS / MMO has been in beta for the past three years, the players should of course expect a regular change as par for the course. Even so, it seems completely revamped version of Interchange might take some adjustment for veteran players.

    Battlestate game developers did not specify exactly what changes are coming to the map, which basically consists of a vast shopping center, parking nearby and some wooded areas. However, PCGamesN noticed that exfil entirely new points (points extraction) were added to the map, which means that set an entirely new string of escape for these players to get used to.

    Given that did come out to the memory actually rather important if your bank is in exploring Interchange and really come out with the loot you collect, this is set to be a pretty big change for the more experienced players. Of course, I have no doubt that they were really serious Escape From Tarkov will have exit and a new strategy to work in no time. In addition, Cheap EFT Dollars is on hot sale at our website

    Along with the reworking of Interchange, version 0.12.4 will introduce several new systems for gritty realistic shooters. Characters can now be suffering from fatigue, which would occur if a player spends too much time with their stamina runs out. Players suffering from fatigue will use energy more quickly, and will not be able to run, jump, or climb obstacles as soon as normal. Stamina system is also split into two parts: the player will have legs and arms apart stamina to keep track of. Leg stamina will be consumed by running and jumping, while the sleeve stamina to spend it doing things like shooting and throwing grenades.

    More controversial, Battlestate Games has raised the level of need for the flea market of the PMC level 5 to level 15. Players below that level will not be able to access the market after the patch is live, even if they could advance. Although the change may penalize new players, others have welcomed the change as a way to control the behavior of hackers and cash farm.
      March 19, 2020 2:10 AM CET