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Stall Particles vs Decorative Wedging:Optimal Product Protection

  • When preparing a package, it is important to stall the product inside its cardboard box, especially if it is fragile. There are a large number of protective and cushioning packaging: kraft paper, bubble film, cushioning particle, corrugated cardboard, decorative cushioning, air cushion, foam film, etc. Today, we are going to compare two of them: wedging particles and decorative wedging.

    The timing particles
    The chipping particle, also called "polystyrene chips" is a setting material made from polystyrene (organic or not) or from organic starch . They exist in several forms for different uses:
    the half-round wedge particle is to be used for the transport and foam protection of light and strong objects;
    the clover-shaped wedging particle is antistatic and dust in order to better protect the product to be transported;
    the shape-setting particle of 8 has been manufactured to serve as a damper;
    the M-shaped dunnage particle is recommended for heavy products.

    The decorative timing Sizzle Pak

    Decorative stitching is also called "stitching" because it is made of thin strips of paper or treated wood that can then be folded accordion or not. It comes in many colors to meet the needs of all: white, beige, red, blue, green, purple, etc.

    It is mainly used to stall, protect and decorate products . These products are often placed in a basket and wrapped with clear plastic film to show the product to the buyer. Thanks to the decorative setting, the product is highlighted. That is why it is often used for packed baskets of plywood to offer a loved one for the holidays.

    The common benefits of wedging particles and decorative wedging
    The primary purpose of the particle and cushioning crimp is to cushion the product while protecting it . For this, they have a high damping power to reduce the impact of shocks encountered during the transport of the package.

    But, they also have other qualities:
    they are ecological because they are made from recyclable material (wood, paper) for setting crimping and organic material (starch, polystyrene) for the setting particle;
    they are economic because light, so you do not pay extra cost when the parcel postage;
    they are clean and do not produce dust, so the interior of the package stays clean all the time.
    Different uses
    Sizzle Pak wedging particle and decorative wedging do not have the same use. The timing particle is used for the rigging and protection of objects placed in a package . It is more of a protective packaging where only high efficiency is required rather than decorative packaging. Moreover, in the cardboard box, the polystyrene particles are absolutely not visible.
    On the other hand, the cushioning crimp serves to protect and decorate the packaged product , which is why it is often placed in a basket and surrounded by transparent plastic film . What matters most is to highlight the product sold and subsequently the gift to offer.
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